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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman and this is the show that brings you all the day's best videos and the stories behind them. a whole new season starts. a driver hangs on for dear life as rescuers try to get to him before the water does. >> this is an incredibly dangerous mission. >> hear what it was like in the middle of this flash flood. >> you can imagine this thing. one wrong move. rescuers in the water. >> cops chase down a reckless driver going a whopping 4 miles per hour. >> how an unconscious man and toddler in the back make this case a little diff. a group that takes on tough dog rescues is back at it and this time --
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>> it's baby and bet. >> how one very patient dude coaxes two scared pups to safety. plus a proposal where the surprises just keep coming. and woman sleepwalks her way straight on to youtube. now meet the son who made mom a star. >> my mom would have probably killaled me. >> take a look at this video. houma, arizona has seen a lot of this over the weekend watching it play out liveup see clearly in chris video, there's something stuck. this is a result of a flash flood. so as the water is rising, he crawls out of the truck on to the roof to call 911. the waters are rough and keep rising. in this part of the video we're
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seeing the trauk extend its ladder towards the truck, passing him a helmet and life jacket. >> almost completely under water. >> yes. as a result, they ended up having to do a swift water rescue. an indreadably dangerous mission. tell us the details. >> the chief of the goodyear fire department via skype right this minute. >> now, walk us through the steps of this swift water rescue. >> tie a rope on each side of the raft. one pulls the other keeps taught. we're steering him over to get close enough to see him step in the raft and reverse the process. pull the raft back across. >> tell me how dangerous this is. >> extremely, extremely dangerous. we can't say that enough. these guys are well trained an make it look kind of easy. this water vuning at approximately 25, 30 miles an hour. think of yourself when you go to
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the beach and get hit way three or four-foot wave. you know how that almost takes you off your feet, it does take you off your feet. imagine that continuously. not just the wave, it's that force constantly hitting you. you can imagine, one wrong move we've got him and all the rescuers in the water. >> what kind of state was this guy in when you rescued him? >> actually in very good condition. i think more embarrassed. he understood the gravity of the situation that he put a lot of people at risk because of one bad move. i believe the first words out of his mouth were "thank you". >> plus saving his truck. right? >> absolutely. i've got a dashcam video from a police cruiser. just wait until you see this. farmington, utah, i-15. kniss is the dash it cam of the sheriff deputy matt bouche who gets a call there is a reckless driver on i-15. you see him going around these people trying to find this reckless driver.
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eventually finds him. there's your reckless driver traveling what is believed to be 4 miles per hour. the driver is unconscious. >> ah! >> he puts his cruiser in park, jumps out and now is chasing down this car. gets up to the car, realizes the door's lock. he sees the driver passed out behind the wheel. fortunately, the window was down and he was able to reach in and pull the emergency brake. here's the thing. there was a little 3-year-old girl sleeping in the back seat. when deputy bouche stops the car, the driver did regain consciousness for just a few moments, but then did pass out shortly thereafter. eventually, other police come to the scene and they take the car. the child reunited with her mother. they're still not sure what happened to the driver. they did test his blood sugar level. everything came back normal. he was treated at the hospital. he was, however, ticketed for three driving misdemeanors for this incident. new station ksl caught up with the deputy. >> i had to react quick. didn't even think. just did what i needed to do.
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>> reports say that the car suffered damage from banging into sides of the freeway, but no one else was injured in the incident. >> it's great that it was slow on the car. somehow his foot didn't stay on the gas causing a you huge collision, especially with the child asleep. this is individual grow a warm-up laugh at the sonoma raceway of an f introductiprodu race. >> look. >> whoa! >> did he run that guy over? >> he did not even though the other rider that just fell off his bike was right in the path of the rider. look at it again. >> how did he fall? >> getting ready to make a turn. >> he overleaned it. >> basically fell off this motorcycle. >> when the guy fell off the bike and was sliding around the pavement it looked like he's on hard concrete. >> right. >> it looked like he was sliding around on ice.
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>> hope for paws is an organization that helps rescue animals and hopes to find them permanent homes. we have another rescue video from them. >> okay. hey! no, no, no. >> for those people who have been introduced to him before, he goes out into the streets of california are and helps rescue animal that have been abandoned. this time he comes upon these two dogs in la maraud da, california. it's baby and betty. people have been leaving food for them, but they need to be in a home and cared for properly. >> so adorable. they need to be taken heart worm medication. they need love. >> these dog, really skittish and this san eight-minute video were where he shows such intimate patience trying to get these dogs to come to him. >> good girl. it's okay. >> he's eventually able to put a leash around her neck. one thing we have learned about him, he really does take his time to earn the trust of the dogs he's trying to rescue, and
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you can see that when they're ready to go, they go willingly. >> that's just baby getting picked up, but now he's got toing taal the other one, betty, and betty is reluctant to go with him as well. >> betty's got a little bit more sass to her. >> and he gets her to sit on the ground and he's petting her as if its his dog. >> look how pretty you are. >> got the leash around betty, and then he puts them in the car. >> oh! >> ah. that's -- >> ah, look at that. >> i'm so glad they got little collars to put on the little dogs. >> i bet they're spoiled rotten, and i love it! a father and daughter living on the land in the wilderness for 45 days. >> and her mother let her go! >> yep. it's all on camera, and we're talking to dad. >> look at this. it's a huge blade in detroit,
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michigan. >> it's a house fire from a different point of view, and maybe a look into the
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there's nothing kwis like the bond between father and daughter. >> they have a special bond. erik jorgensen and his 3-year-old daughter. they went on a trip in northern finland, traveleded by canoe. lived in a tent and basically just lived off the land together for 45 days. >> wow. >> and her mother let her go! >> as you can see from this video, she did remarkably well. always had a huge smile on her face and was out and about gathering things for food. they traveled more than 200 miles by canoe. what an amazing father-daughter experience. >> the ultimate father-daughter experience.
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>> something she'll remember her entire life and documented with video. >> his motto is the adventure starts in your backyard. you just have to take the first steps. we have him via xib from denmark. >> what made you decide to brave the wilderness for 45 days with a 3-year-old? >> let's just say i love adventures and the last couple of years i have been making adventures for myself and i wanted to show my daughter how much i love nature and she was old enough to go with me. >> what was it like with a 3-year-old who couldn't have access to tv or to ride her bike with her friends and other fun stuff? >> i wondered that myself. but she was very, very good in making food and it turned out to be very easy. >> was it hard to convince mom to take her long? >> actually not. i trick her a little bit. i just come home and say what do you say i take my daughter out to the wilderness for a long
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trip? she said, oh, can you just do it. in a couple of hours she turned back and say, did you mean it? >> what was the toughest part about this trip? >> actually the toughest part was the first two days, because the temperature was brought to the 5 degrees and it was raining and she cried, and was very angry at me, but she decide how long she could go and of course, some days i had to psh her a littl her attempts. >> geez. i want to call my dad and go somewhere. right? >> steven, you know how girls like a nice walk on the beach? >> yes, they do. >> i found an excuse for a guy not to take her on one. >> crabs. >> ooh. >> hermit crabs. >> oh, not those kind. >> this is a hermit crab migration that happens once a year in the british virgin islands and look at these. they say there are millions of them. >> i would be creeped out if i saw that. >> there's not even any sand on
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this beach. pretty awful to walk. >> i bailed you out of this romantic trick, but this crab, romance isn't on his mind. >> a different crab. >> another side of the world. australia. a spider crab. >> the spider crab has a predator. that predator is a shark. look what this crab doing is to this shark. >> the crab is, like, riding on the shark. >> they call this crab evil crab nievil. took a little ride. >> the shark trying to buck the crab off of his back. >> you're saying the shark is a predator for these crabs? >> yes. >> maybe just trying to get back all his crab buddies the shark has eaten in the past. like, oh, you ate my friend jerry. >> what? is he going to clip it to death, little chunks? maybe sushi. >> take him back to his crab friends to have fresh shark for supper. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- ♪ looking for a girl i can call
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my miss right ♪ 5'5" pretty slender ♪ >> this is a date rap song. hard to get a date. >> rapping for date. next "right this minute." and, still to come -- this guy is going to pop the question in a simple but awesome production. >> this proposal is anything but ordinary. >> she got one flower for every single day they've been together. >> wow! >> this is good. >> i thought you said this was simple? >> see what other tricks he's got up his sleeve. and tisha may not have arms but she sure can shower. >> i wash my legs and my -- >> oh, wow. she is so
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it's an angle of a house fire that you don't see all the time. look at this. it's a huge blaze in detroit, michigan, and at first glance you're like, okay, this ises from a helicopter. then you realize, it's really steady for a helicopter shot and they're really close. this is actually a drone. >> oh, wow. >> and we're seeing these crystal clear images from horizon aerial photography. they're based in the uk and said this was in detroit. they fly radio-controlled vehicles riged up with gear for all sorts of things. they're not out there chasing fires. they usually do stuff for developer, construction company,
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golf courses. they even do, video productions. in this ins stan thighs guy happened tos out and thankful he grabbed an extra battery, because he caught this fire from the air. the guy who posted this from horizon air photography thinks, who knows, maybe this could be an asset for law enforcement. not only for fires but maybe chasing suspects or cars? >> there are police departments in the united states that have them, but they're very controversial because some people think they're kind of an invasion of privacy, but this is really, really incredible. to have something like this unmanned, you can go in and see structural damage, things like that, really, irreally quickly d maybe save lives. >> we won't be surprised to see this technology in the future. this is a part of the show where we spread love --
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because you can sense a proposal. quite the simple but awesome production. this couple has been together for a while. they have 3 1/2 kids. by and a half kids, i think she may be expecting. >> okay. >> he got string instrument musicians to come and play. >> i have to say, he's got a hummer limo involved. not really simple. it's pretty orate. >> he also engaged their friends and family -- she got one flower for every single day they'd been together. >> wow. >> look! they've got 3 1/2 kids, that's a lot of days. >> i thought you said this cass simple? >> i think she has a feeling about what's coming. they finally go outside where there's another surprise for her. >> is that a cheerleading squad? >> that is a cheerleading squad, and there is her man with a
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beautiful message of love. >> oh. this is my favorite one. i love that we are best friends, with the benefits. >> ooh-ooh -- >> and finally, he comes over with the ring -- ♪ >> the proposal was beautifully set to a cover of "marry me" by bruno mars. >> and then cheerleaders. >> not exactly the toros from "bring it on." >> i love it i love it, you're everything i'm not! >> great job by this guy. i stead before, i'll say it again. fellas of the world, scale it back. turn a down a notch for the rest of us so we can just go to a nice dinner and flowers and candy and a ring and that it's it. >> awesome. a son catches his mom doing a bit of sleepwalking. >> oh! >> you have to hear this.
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there's something really cool with this video. this is the sound of stenciling. he just captured the audio behind every step that it takes to create a stenciled painting.
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>> wow. >> i love this. like the -- the sound of the click of the exacto knife. this is the kind of thing you want to listen to over of and over again, because it always makes you salivate it sounds so good. >> took him 50 hours to design the stencil. another 45 to cut the stencil out. >> that's unbelievable film. >> yeah. this is a really great painting. guess what? if you want a print of it, you're going to have to for um about $1,500. this just popped up on the internet because of a blob where she shows us how you can do things without her arms. >> this time -- >> i want to show you guys how i take a shower. i already took a shower today and i'm not dirty. let's get started. >> she rinses off, sits down,
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uses her feet to get all soapy. uses her feet to rub the soap in. >> i wash my leg, and my feet. >> oh. wow! >> she is so incredible. like -- >> what? >> just absolutely incredible to watch her. she's flexible. like a gym niflt the way she can bend her legs and her body, but she's so open, and i'm sure that makes nibble else who sees her videos feel so comfortable in their own skin, because she's so comfortable in hers. >> run your fingers through the hair, the bottle says. that's bull [ bleep ]. i make an exception. i run my toes through my hair. >> she's doing an amazing job. i mean, look at her. >> and -- >> now she has to dry off. [ laughter ] >> oh. all right. >> smooth. >> that is how you shower. no arms. >> i have to talk to her.
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this is awesome. our hats are off to her. every once in a while you wake up in the morning and somebody says, you remember what you did last night? you say, oh, boy. nick who runs four popular youtube channels caught this video. this is his mom. shs sleals. >> wat exactly are you doing there? [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> after that slight saunter she did there in the kitchen, nick starts to interview his mom patty, while she's still asleep smplgts . >> i was trying out for a tomato cage. >> and where is this tomato cage? >> someplace. >> right here, before heading back to bed, she does this last little move. >> ah! >> now, your natural reaction is to say, okay, this is fake.
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nick has 47,000 subscribers on youtube. so a lot of people are saying, okay, man, like, is this real? did you though shis to your mom? nick made a reaction video with his mom. >> come on, nick. who is -- oh! [ laughter ] >> oh, my god, that's so funny! >> so we had to find out more and have nick on the line right this minute via skype to talk to us about his sleepwalking mom. we have to ask, first things first. is this thing leap? >> yes, it's real. my mother, she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and just eats, just random things in the kitchen. so this time it was complete darkness. i went downstairs to get some tea. she's in the kitchen, like where
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you sayal wrestling about. i recorded it. >> your mom was a good sport about it. my mom would have probably killed me. she wasn't mad at all? >> no. my mom's awesome. she loved it. she's like -- what? i did that? she's like, asking me all these questions after i stopped recording. i was like, yes, you did this, tomato dance. >> oh, my god. i had a dream about cherry pickers, tomato picking or something. >> well, it wasn't a dream. that's going to do it for this edition of
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